Why must I notify Value about damages within 24 hours?
On a rare occasion, products may be damaged in the packaging during transit. In these cases, it will be your responsibility to notify us within 24 hours of delivery so that we can approve a replacement unit for you. The 24 hour timeline ensures that the product was damaged before you had a chance to use it and thus, it will be our responsibility to make it right.

Will I get a brand new unit as a replacement?
Yes! Under our partner brand's 7 Day Replacement Policy, if you purchased a brand new product, we will send a brand new, sealed unit to you.

When will my replacement unit be shipped?
As soon as the inspection of the faulty unit and the approval of your return request has been completed by the authorized service engineers, we will ship out a brand new replacement unit to you.

What if my replacement unit is also defective?
Don't break a sweat! You can raise a return request once again under our 7 Day Replacement Guarantee.

What if I do not want store credit?
We offer store credit to our disappointed customers so that they can pick something else from our website which would suit their needs better. Store credit is valid forever! It never expires. You may pick any product you like and redeem the store credit from your Value account at checkout. However, if you do not want refund in the form of store credit, the refund can be made via a bank transfer only to the bank account of the person in whose name the purchase is originally made. You must communicate your bank details to us in such a case via an email to valuensk@rediffmial.com. The order amount will be refunded to your account after deducting the payment gateway charges of approximately 2%.

What if I have returned the wrong product?
Value will not be liable for the products that have been returned by mistake. If an extra or incorrect product has been returned by mistake, Value will not be accountable for misplacement or replacement of the extra/incorrect product returned and will not be responsible for delivering the extra/incorrect product back to the customer.