IFB 8.5 Kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (Senator Smart Touch SX)

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  • Fully-automatic front load washing machine: best wash quality, energy and water efficient
  • Capacity 8.5 kg :suitable for large families
  • Energy rating: 5 star - best in class efficiency
  • Warranty: tri shield protection: 4 years complete machine warranty, 10 years motor warranty,10 years spare part support
  • 1400 rpm : higher the spin speed, lower the drying time
  • Wash programs: 8 Wash Programs
  • Drum / Pulsator type : crescent moon drum
  • Key features: aqua energie, 02 bubble wash, 4d wash
  • Special features: aqua energie, 4d wash ,crescent moon drum, laundry add
  • Included in the box: washing machine, inlet pipe, drain hose, user manual

Smart Control Panel On Top

No more bending, conveniently designed control panel on top lets you select the wash program while standing.

Drum Light

An interior LED in the drum, lights at the start and end of the program for you to see even small garments.

LCD Display

Aesthetic and sleek LCD with smooth buttons for ease of use. It also displays wash cycles and malfunction errors.

Steam Wash in 15 Programs

Steam at the end of the program ensures 99.99% germ free clothes while preserving the texture of the fabric. Washes different fabrics using steam function for removal of dirt, germs, and bacteria.

Pet Hair Removal

Clean and odour free clothes with just one wash, choose the various wash options to get rid of small pet hair from fabrics like cotton and nylon.

Cradle Wash

The ultimate care for your delicates as it gives your silks, laces, satins and chiffons an effective yet gentle wash.

O2 Bubble Wash

Millions of air bubbles burst on the surface of the fabric to gently remove dirt and even the toughest of stains.

15 Minutes Refresh

Helps remove wrinkles from clothes, eliminates odor and 99.99% of germs. Get fragrant, ready to wear clothes in 15 minutes.

Stain Removal

Thoughtfully programmed wash cycles that thoroughly washes dirt and stains on laundry.


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