Panasonic Arc Series 4 Star Hot & Cold Inverter AC, Available in 1.5 Ton

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Panasonic Arc Series air conditioner is an excellent inverter AC that enables you to enjoy powerful cooling from the moment you switch it on. Designed with Panasonic philosophy (Comfort, Health, Beauty & Reliability) in mind. Panasonic ACs give you exceptional energy saving performance while ensuring you stay comfortable at all times. This AC comes with Twin Cool Inverter Compressor with Auto Convertible Technology that provides higher comfort and energy saving in all weather conditions.

Experience unmatched comfort with Panasonic Twin Cool Inverter ACs, that feature two independent rotors in the compressor (compared to one in case of regular inverter ACs). The Twin Rotors efficiently balance the load, leading to smoother, stable and faster rotation, less wear and tear and longer life of the compressor. So you enjoy faster and energy-efficient cooling for life


Get comfortable air throughout the whole year (summer, winter, or monsoon) with this advanced and best hot and cold AC from Panasonic. With a lot of features and the latest technology, this split AC is an excellent addition to your living space. This hot and cold inverter AC comes with unique shield Blue+ protection. Thus, it ensures exceptional durability in typical Indian regions affected by sand, salt, industrial smoke, and other pollutants.

Key Features:

Hot & Cold

Ag Clean Deodorization Filter (Optional)

EcoTough ODU

100% Copper

PM2.5 Filter

Shield Blu

R32 Refrigerant Gas

Powerful Mode

Hidden Temperature Display

5 Years Warranty on PCB

10 Years Warranty on Compressor

1 Year Comprehensive Warranty


Model [50Hz] CS/CU-KZ18XKY
Tonnage Class T 1.5
Cooling Capacity Standard [Min. - Max.] Btu/h 17572 [8190 - 18900]
W 5150 [2400 - 5550]
Heating Capacity Standard [Min. - Max.] Btu/h 17742 [8359 - 19107]
W 5200 [2450 - 5600]
ISEER - 4.10
Annual Power Consumption kWh 972.89
Star Rating 4
Electrical Data Voltage V 230
Running Current A 7.3
Power Input Standard Cooling [Min. - Max.] W 1600 [520 - 2050]
Power Input Standard Heating [Min. - Max.] W 1500 ( 400-1800)
Moisture Removal Rate l/h 1.2
Pt/h 2.5
Air Circulation (Indoor/Hi) mᵌ/min 16.0
ftᵌ/min 565
Net Dimensions IDU Length (L) cm 107.0
Breadth (B) cm 23.5
Height (H) cm 29.0
Net Dimensions ODU Length (L) cm 78.0
Breadth (B) cm 28.8
Height (H) cm 54.2
Noise Level Indoor (H/L) [dB-A] 47/40
Outdoor [dB-A] 53
Net Weight IDU [ODU] kg 12[28.5]
IDU [ODU] lb 26 [63]
Refrigerant - R-32
Operating Temp. Range oC -7 ~ 52°C
Operating Volt. Range V 145 - 285
Refrigerant Pipe Diameter Liquid Side cm Ø0.635
Gas Side cm Ø1.270
Pipe Extension Chargeless Pipe Length m 7.5
Maximum Pipe Length m 15
Maximum Elevation Length m 10
Additional Refrigerant Gas * g/m 15
Power Supply Source - Indoor

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