Panasonic EH-ND19-K62B 1000W Hair Dryer with Cool Air and Bouncy Style Comb

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  • Cool Shoot
  • Hair Protective Temperature Technology at 50* C
  • Bouncy Styling Comb
  • Set Nozzle

Healthy Mode

The hair dryer generates constant airflow of 50 , when set to healthy mode. This can set your hair thoroughly. It also helps in enhancing your gorgeous tresses and locks in moisture. It prevents hair damage with its hair protective temperature technology.

Bouncy Style Comb

Add the required bounce and volume to your hair with the styling comb. Move the comb in circular motion a couple of times to create volume in the regions where you need the most. You can make every day and good hair day with just minimal efforts.

Three Flexible Settings

There are three multiple modes that allow you to choose the right kind of temperature and speed that suits your hair type and volume the most. You can easily change the modes to control the speed for drying and styling flexibility.

Cool Shot

The cool airflow mode generates a cold gush of air that can preserve the moisture and shine of the hair. It can reduce the frizz and give your hair the glossy lustrous look. It also smoothens the hair and provides an extra soft texture.

Lightweight and Portable

This dryer is ideal for individuals who are in constant commute. It is lightweight and extremely portable to be carried along in your luggage or hand bags. With the passion of this dryer, you can keep your personal stylist with you at all times.

Long Tangle Free Cord

The efficient 1000W dryer has a 1.8-metre-long swivel cord that increases the range of the device without feeling restrained to the power socket. Its tangle free design saves you with the time that you might invest in untangling the wire.


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